FAITH, the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen, but, where does that leave the Mind? Faith is not discernible to the 5 senses, although the physical body can be instrumental with working out faith. 4 years of walking with Christ for me is what it took, to really get in the face of the LORD by myself, and see that FAITH IS NOT MENTAL. He spoke it to me after I watched a movie entitled ‘Grace Unplugged’. In it, the beautiful song at the end sung lyrics to this revealing tenor…


“I chased a million things,
Bright lights and empty dreams,
Now here I am,
Right where I thought I, wanted to be,
I’d trade it all right now,
Leave it all and lay it down,
To get back where I belong,
Lord all I’ve ever needed was your love.

_Michalka Sisters (lyrics not my own)

As I heard these words touch my calmed heart, as I was simply enjoying the gripping story of this movie with my wife and my son, The Holy Spirit welled tears up within me, because all too often in the ripping and running of life, I too have done as these lyrics prophesied unto me. I wept as I saw that I too was chasing a million things. It might not’ve be bright lights, but it surely was empty dreams; activity in my own vain imaginary computation that caused me to run the rabbit run until wearisome and waning away in my faith. The human mind works contrary to faith. I am not sure you really catch the gravity of that statement, as I did not, I had to repeat it a few times. I will say it very plainly once more.


What then is the renewing of the mind? What then is the resolve we need as Christians in our minds? To what purpose then is all of my study, prayer, exercise of keeping the LORD’s word? Simply this, that my own subjectivity yielded to the WRONG SOURCE, will always counteract faith. Faith works from the HEART OUTWARD, not from the mind inward. OUT OF THE HEART comes all the issues of life, not the mind. The mind is only as fruitful as the HEART is pruned in Christ Jesus’ Cross and Blood. That’s true religion before the Father as touching KEEPING ONESELF UNSPOTTED from the sinful world. Seeing, hearing, doing, and living, will all stimulate the mind on a daily basis, and we’re so staid in our ways, that we need the Holy Spirit to pick us up in the spirit of our core, and rock us out of our own comfy-hearted little boxes of opinion when it comes down to our own condition. We think we are masters of our own ship’s course. All of our snug pretense, all of our comfortable things that we love so much will be found therein. It was during a fast from my iPhone that the LORD was able to reveal this to me. Yes, my iPhone was an idol at one time, and most subtle. It aided the god of myself, at the altar of decisions made without GOD. Some may say that’s too rigorous, but before you assess my fasting before the LORD Jesus, point the finger back at yourself first, how many things stimulate your mind on a weekly basis? Other People, Jobs, Society, News, Drama, Gossip, Family Normality, Carnality; Immorality in Music, TV, Social Media, YouTube, Magazines, Books, trips to the Mall, I could go on. After you’ve sorted that list out for yourself, take some inventory of what is truly on your heart… Then you can assess my fast before GOD and I would respect it.

I found the law in my members as warring against the law of my mind (Romans 7). Sin quickens this battle, not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit alleviates much stress of self. I was the one loading the stress upon myself! How contrary the mind is to faith! I have found this also. The more that I focus only upon the methods of the LORD in my life, from the standpoint and watchtower of my own intent, my own will, and my own presumptuous assessment, the more apt I am to refuse to love Him for His GOOD CHARACTER. Sure He will test me, yes He allows trial, all of this is wrought to supplement and undergird; for the purpose of channeling through the challenging,  and thus to edify my faith. But if I have the carnal mind working inward to my heart, beckoning to my lower nature void of Jesus, I’m in sin. ANYTHING THAT IS NOT FROM FAITH IS SIN. Indeed, if it flows not from the heart-work of Christlike faith, it’s prone to be conceived in the womb of subjectivity. Self-will, and pretense. Feigned faith, fake faith; a faith void of the heart-work of getting around myself; losing myself, all of what I’ve had in Adam, and treading the bridge of the Cross in prayer. Getting to loving the LORD daily-town so to speak. Learning to love Him, taking pains against parts of what does not love Him within me. Can you even admit that there are places within you that don’t love the LORD? I don’t believe God is into faking it, He can hear ‘I LOVE YOU LORD’ and then tell you if it was real. Why overwork yourself into frenzy to prove love to an all-seeing, piercing GOD of insight? Reader, that is FOLLY!

If I’m focused on how God is orchestrating life around me in a selfish way, I am invariably disrespecting His character of love towards me, which being saved by grace through faith, and that NOT OF MYSELF has accomplished through the Son of God. Why would I continue willfully on that road just to say ‘I love the LORD’ another day with my mouth, but in my HEART I’m speaking a lie to the Holy One of Israel? Why would I do this also with my children? My spouse? My neighbor in the earth? Humans are wretched things without Christ Jesus, I will share and own my share of sin nature, it is my prayer that by the testimony of my conscience you the reader shall embrace the truth of it as well. GOD just isn’t interested in fake followers, neither did Jesus bleed out on the Cross for a sappy Church void of honesty with themselves and Himself and others. It takes courage to die to yourself in the Holy Spirit. It’s called Resolution…  an anchor of the SOUL.

Is That Wise?

Praise the LORD, blessed be His Mighty Name.

Praise the LORD Jesus, for WISDOM. 

Proper means of execution, proper ways of approach, proper image-bearing (the image of Jesus), proper love, proper fruit-bearing of love, proper dishing of judicial calls (in decision-making), Hallelujah! Bless the LORD. He has become this wisdom unto me (1st Cor. 1:30), this powerful witness (Rom. 9:1). I thank the LORD before whom I stand that He places strait differences and distinctions between His own, and the wicked. I thank the LORD for showing me how to divide correctly the gospel of grace to elected sinners, and the gospel of the Kingdom to His saints. I praise JEHOVAH, that all authority in Heaven, and on the Earth has been given to His Express IMAGE, JESUS the Christ, the perfect Lamb of God. 

Yet, for all I am praising Him for, I cannot continue with praise, neither in true praise, nor in this post, lest I reveal why praise is comely for such a thing. What is the message behind this praise? Is it wise to praise God for something we do not truly live out? One might say, ‘LORD I praise thee for gracing me to love my enemies‘. Yet, in their interaction they’ve only told their enemy the gospel message at an inappropriate season; thus untimely (either to the wrong person, or one who is unripe for hearing). That is to praise God for the wrong thing; even to do the right thing the wrong way. Many say, ‘Well it rains on the just and the unjust’. Yet, for all the times they speak this quote of the LORD Jesus, do they even understand what He meant in context of the Greek?

In context the LORD says; “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

The “just” being those which be equitable in character or acts. The innocent children of God in any matter or given case, or event. The ones being made holy by the Holy Spirit, whether absolutely or relatively; for a (final) translation from earth to heaven, or walking in the Spirit during eternal life walked out in the earth realm. Therefore, these are they which Jesus says are just. Those which are becoming meet for the Master’s use (more and more), in right-standing with God. The “unjust” are by extension the wicked, the treacherous, especially the heathen, the unrighteous populous of humanity. 

Jesus tells us here, that the LORD causes simple life to happen to all. The sun will rise another day, the rains will descend from above upon both types here. Why then does the Church so often use this to mean ‘blessing’? Christ here was not speaking directly about blessing, but rather what the Father would continue to do. To bless those who curse, is to act meek in the face of blatant hatred, thus maintaining the blessedness of eternal life from our own reactions. Praying for enemies isn’t common among Christians at first, neither is proper conduct in the face of contrariness. Life will go on for both types, except God chooses otherwise. In the Garden, the LORD put the enmity there between the woman and the enemy, between offsprings, between engendering generations. The great split caused there speaks volumes of spiritual character. Why is it then that the LORD says, not to cast what is holy before dogs? Not to cast pearls before swine? Will God save everybody? Are all called for Heaven? Are all chosen for Heaven? No human being has a monopoly on this knowledge, ONLY GOD. But what a need we have to be WISE in our salvation as Christians. 

If I was to meet a nice family during ministry or something of that nature, and they had a son who seemed to have “a heart of gold”. What if I then took my son, and caused them to spend time together, only to find that their son and my son were always at odds? This being well known after about 20 or more times of interaction. Should I say, “Well, the LORD makes it to rain on the just and the unjust“? Or should I call upon the LORD inquiring into what should be practically done here, perhaps even for a scripture illumination as to my current situation? It is certainly silly to just go about things in our own knowledge of bible quotation. 

Today, on this 26th day of April, I spoke with a brother who was very distant in his growth. He is nonetheless a brother, still one of the Chosen, and I have known this now by the Holy Spirit’s revelation for some time. Probably for about 8-10 months, but we all have flesh; this is why I can call him a “distant brother”. I can say he is my brother because I have seen fruit in his life being borne out by the LORD, and I have seen and known that he has a heart for the LORD’s will. Yet, in a certain situation, our LORD put me through some things, since one day I prayed and said; “LORD, for those struggling, whom You have ordered that I should impact by Your anointing on my life, put their struggle on me. In Jesus Name, that they may come out of it.” The LORD answered me, by causing me the selfsame grief this brother was dealing with. The LORD caused the process to go very deep into my heart, that I could intercede, and that I could experience and feel inwardly the burden of the Word of the LORD before I went into ministry on the other side of this process. Once I came to the other side of this metaphorical ‘flood’, I spoke with the brother as he called me one day. He had told me that there was nobody else he could tell about this, only me. He said this was his conviction from the LORD above. I was astonished to hear all of that which I personally knew the LORD caused me to go through and handle by His grace, coming out of this brother’s testimony! As I proceeded to unveil all which I had been through, and that the LORD had put his burden upon me, we prayed and a most glorious deliverance ensued by the LORD’s hand. A few more conversations afterward, and the brother had spoken ill against the process the LORD put me under for him, as though God wouldn’t do that, or that the LORD wouldn’t work that way. Thus, it was an unjust thing to speak. 

I called him a few days after this conversation we had, and asked his opinion about what he thought I should do if a man was ungrateful through and through about such a ministry of grace as the LORD has been bestowing for His Name to be glorified. He answered me and said; “Well, I would cut ties with that brother for a time, at least until something changes. With somebody like that, they could really put hurt to your faith with that type of behavior.” He didn’t see that he was speaking about himself. The LORD had told me before I got on this call that I was going to have to turn it around on him, as Nathan did with David, a role reversing, “Thou art the man” ministry for the sake of the death of the flesh, and further purging in Christ between brethren. After I had this call, we did not speak again for a few weeks, approximately two months later. The LORD caused me to cross this brother’s pathway, he had much to say about where he had been, what God had done in his life, and so on and so forth. I was not able to carry conversation with him as usual. A simplistic, “Amen”, or even, “God is good”, was all that I could say; the Holy Spirit was constraining my tongue. The immaturity had still not left in this matter. The LORD was still out for His purpose here. I so badly wanted to just carry on gracious speech with him, and go on forward with where we last left off in the things of God, but the LORD circumscribes the tongue of His people. We aren’t allowed to just use our tongues however we desire with one another. That is not real fellowship as God orders. 

In this public appearing, I had to be meek, candid, and short. Yet today, the LORD must’ve compelled this brother, because he knew something was aloof. He called me today, and we picked up speaking. He began to offer certain things in order to bless my wife and I by a so-called “love offering”. The LORD had spoken with me, to receive nothing of the sort for now, because that was not fitting to His plan here. As we spoke, escalations arose, and I was beginning to give in until the Holy Spirit caught me and pressed my conscience back into His will. I paused, let the brother angrily rage, and came back calmly and reasoned with him beginning from the start. By the end of the conversation, he was asking the LORD’s forgiveness for despising the method by which the LORD has used to deliver him from his mess. We were able to reach a common ground of understanding, and the air of reconciliation was among the both of us yet again. 

The point of all of this? Well to put it simply, IS IT WISE to question God’s methods? Is it WISE to presume upon the will of God by a “mouth Christianity”, void of true heart conviction? Is it wise to get all caught up in the meat of the things of the Word, and lose our sure footing upon the simplicities of the Cross, and the Blood, faith, and grace? Is it WISE, to think our own judgment greater than God’s? Is it WISE dear reader? Is it? Huh? I say this because I too, have been that one who presumed the will of God, and used to seek to use my spiritual gifts out of season, with the wrong people, and find myself confounded and given up to my own devices, only to repent later. That used to pervert my marriage, my ministry, my processes of growth, all of it. What is wise to do then? 


“Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself? Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time? It is good that thou shouldest take hold of this; yea, also from this withdraw not thine hand: for he that feareth God shall come forth of them all.”

“For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.”

“Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few. Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error: wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands?”

Ecclesiastes 7:16-18, 20, 5:2, & 6



Beggarly Elements; Idol Worship Observed.

Idolatry ShrineNow, this photo may be very shocking to look upon. Very obvious even to the ancient historically inclined eye. But somebody had to first build this temple, and secondly, they needed some type of spiritual inspiration to do so. Especially to go so far as to stick to building until it was totally completed! What force compels man to run after idols?

Galatians 4: (NIV)

Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods. But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?

Tonight, I had a conversation with my wife right before the Holy Spirit illuminated me to my need to pray. I began to recall how I used to formulate my opinions about superheros as something so significant. I used to worship comic books, and make something out of them as to what I should become as an adult later in life. It may not be this shrine to the right of the screen, nevertheless, that is how it looked in my heart to Jesus Christ. The LORD God, will not relent until He owns and possesses all of me, all of my wife. All of those lives He has bought and purchased. He is not fond of those who forsake Him for _______ (fill in the blank) of whatsoever making we deem worthy or necessary. Man is too prone to leave the God who made him. We are all to regularly given to the spiritual advertising of these ‘beggarly elements’ as the Apostle Paul called them. He had stated earlier in the very opening of this epistle to the Galatians, I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel (1:6) how could you do such a thing? And again in chapter three; You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh? Have you experienced so much in vain—if it really was in vain? So again I ask, does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law, or by your believing what you heard?(3:1-5).


You know, I can relate to these Galatians whom Paul is here reprimanding in love. I can relate to desiring the old smooth and easy way again very badly. Even enough to ponder the thought of leaving Christ and the standard of Holiness which God had set up through the Cross. In John 17:11, Christ prays for disciples, those who would be given after His death on the Cross, as those who would come after the 12, to be made ONE WITH THE FATHER, even as Jesus Christ was at ONE with Him. Indeed, any Christian begins his or her new life in God, in the Holy Spirit. To bear fruits worthy of the very start-out of their repentance into such a glorious faith of grace and love. But what of the temptation to perpetuate such a beautiful and costly salvation by means of the flesh? Paul is here writing to the Galatians saying; “Don’t be stupid! How can you start in the Holy Ghost, only to finish and mature in the LORD, by the very thing God is seeking to save you from?

Challenging? Yeah. Worthy? All the more. I don’t know about you dear reader. But I want to allow the Holy Ghost the room in my life for the remainder of this journey to honestly, and thoroughly fill my valleys, and lower my mountains. In the days of Kings, they had idol spots of worship, comparable to how many Starbucks coffee shops we Americans love to sit at, which host wi-fi. Even their competitors and neighboring coffee shops. Imagine with me, the innumerable company of these places described as ‘groves, under every green tree, and on every high hill’; at each airport, in each college, and barnes and noble bookstore. At every mall, at each marketplace, Smith’s, Chick-Fil-A’s, Burger King’s, Dunkin Donuts’, and so on and so forth I could carry on. It is as the days of Jeremiah, when the prophet had to proclaim to the people of Judah; You, Judah, have as many gods as you have towns (Jeremiah 11:13 NIV).

Idolatry of iPhones, Microsoft phones, XBOX, Playstations, Apps, Routines, Formed & fashioned rote, the list is endless about the things man has made which take the spot of God on their hearts. Cars, women, men, family, money, better jobs, a better economy, begging for change, people certainly cannot look too far around our country and see that we do not worship these ‘beggarly elements’. Sin is sin. Our very nature of sin is offensive to God. Adam went from walking with God, to withering away into hiding at the bite of an apple. He had a tainted conscience; up to that point he did not know fearing God as terrifying. But as respectful. I don’t know about you dear reader, I don’t know where you’re at in your life with or without Christ Jesus. But aren’t you tired of going after certain things, people, positions, entertainment, or whatsoever it is you are investing into with all your energy, only to come to the loss of who you were created to be? For the son or daughter living in the long shadow of legacy their parents set for them, aren’t you tired of trying to fill your parents shoes? You are not your dad, nor are you your mother, you are YOU! God says, it is beautiful that you are YOU, and nobody else. But you cannot say you don’t have some longing deep down to hear from your God. For the bitter one who hates God, aren’t you quite perplexed at hating somebody you perhaps say doesn’t even exist? Where do we as humans get off the never-ending cycle of blaming, shifting the cause, or trying to sweep something up tidy, or rolling a gravestone over it, in our selfish pursuit of just not speaking about it?

When do we end all of this and kneel at the Cross of Jesus Christ?

For the Christians, when do we stop caring more about our parking spot at Church on Sunday, or what football game is on after service this Easter, and actually surrender daily to Christ’s Spirit of Righteousness? When do we quit just going through the motions, and actually dying to our lower nature of sin in the flesh? The Bible is clear, there is no way to go on in that!

As for me, and my house, my wife and I, the decision and resolution is made with the help of God, not our own pride, or cleverness. The LORD has the keys of this life we live, the keys of our marriage, and when the LORD wills, even our kids impression of us as their parents. There’s really no other way, Christ is not only the better way, HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO ON.


I pray this finds people right where they’re at.

I pray the LORD shows us what really matters in HIM.



A Costly Salvation

  • In what way, does the Church in America really treat, address, and carry about true Salvation? Does the Church in America, bear fruits worthy and consistently in keeping with such a precious repentance as Romans 2:4 states?

“Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?”

(Romans 2:4 NIV)

  • What is it that America has lost when it comes to this concept? Why has the Church in America over-emphasized grace without any hint of aroma towards really walking in God’s holiness?

The Lord says:

“These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.
Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder;
the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.”
Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their work in darkness and think, “Who sees us? Who will know?” You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!

(Isaiah 29:13-16 NIV)

  • How can such things go on and truly magnify God? How can the Church reconcile the judgment and love of God, and cease from vilifying His grace?
  1. It is my solemn belief that God wants us to quit lying about what our own ambitions drag us towards. And that the Church must get back to a weighty gospel message which has therein the POWER TO REBUKE SIN. Totally freed up from the paralytic fear of man.
  2. We as the Church, also have need to administer the word of God correctly, and not divide sections and always repeat the same grace message over and over again to maturing Christians. This is an unbalanced diet of only staying to one conversation in the Church. This is not in keeping with Ephesians 4:11-13.
  3. We must come to realize by the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and not our own, that the gospel has always been a two-fold message. Elect sinners are supposed to be won over to the LORD by the Church’s lives of holiness in the Spirit of God. Once that has been accomplished, and they have been born anew, we can introduce them to the gospel of the Kingdom. The gospel, or the good news of Grace towards chosen sinners is one fold, the gospel of the Kingdom is another meant specifically for the Church. We need to trust the Holy Spirit to make this clear to us. Time is wearing thin.
  4. Pastors, Prophets who attend ‘the schools of the Prophets’, Evangelists who travel with an entourage, and nurses, and all of that, Teachers of filthy lucre, greed, and avarice; False apostles which covet respect, and want to point people to themselves, all of these types of people must either be prayed for, since they are erring deeply in falsehood; or be totally extracted from the Church altogether. This is a clear indication that falsehood, leads to apostasy. These red flags are way to obvious now since the Church has lost her resolve, compromising with the spirit of the whore of Babylon which is subtle and finds her brothel among sinful enemies of GOD. This is a call for seriously piercing discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.
  5. The Church must know how to teach new converts about Salvation from the start. Not to teach prosperity from the start. This is owing to the account of all people I have already pointed out in point #4. James tells us plainly in the Bible; “My brothers and sisters, do not encourage a large number of you to become teachers because teachers will be held to a higher standard.” (James 3:1 the VOICE translation). We are not a microwave Church which makes ministers out of thin air. The Church ought to be Spiritually sound, and practically shrewd.




With all of this now highlighted, I am posting a link here to a free PDF which the LORD has graced me to write as touching new converts to the faith in this hour. The title of this simple PDF file is, “That Which Accompanies True Salvation.” I will be continuing on this course as the LORD’s Spirit leads me, that the eternal purpose of the LORD Jesus might be better understood as touching these verses here.


“And his gifts were that some should be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ; so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the cunning of men, by their craftiness in deceitful wiles. Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,  from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every joint with which it is supplied, when each part is working properly, makes bodily growth and upbuilds itself in love.

(Ephesians 4:11-16 RSV)


Here is one snippet of the PDF offered from this post, God bless you.

“First, Salvation is the good judgment of God towards sinners whom He seeks to save. I can only call it ‘good judgment’ because of the Cross, and the Blood shed of the Christ who was sent to die on man’s sinful behalf. Judgment means, a judicial decision. A choice made by God the Creator, God the Father, and nobody else. Nobody else forced, or compelled Jesus to die upon the Cross, the LORD God, His Father had willed it. We see that plainly towards the end of each of the 4 gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John). Peter and the other apostles also carry about this doctrinal truth into the book of Acts before all of Jerusalem, as many as God Himself by His Holy Spirit had called to hear the message of the Cross and the forgiveness which was to be theirs by the precious Blood. How can this be a good judgment you might ask me. How can you call the death of a sinless Jesus, ‘good judgment of His Father’? We can call it good, because nobody else could’ve endured the full weight of the curse of sin upon their bodily frame, and human spirit, BESIDES JESUS. Indeed, no man would give up their only child in the earth to die for the sins of all others who would believe upon that child later. But God DID. Therefore it sticks, there’s really no way around that fact. There is no backdoor into salvation, it begins with the Cross of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; the Perfect Lamb of God. And is then perpetuated by the applied ministry of the Holy Spirit upon the inward self of the new Christian. But what does the Holy Spirit do? How can we say we know the Holy Spirit’s ministry is truly wrought for a truth within us? The Greek construction, as laid down in the biblical outline of usage for the term “Salvation”, equates to this effect. Scripture describes a fourfold salvation: to be saved (firstly) from the penalty of committed sins; also to know the future penalty sin would bring if we stayed on living in sin. This is why the Messiah tells us “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” (John 8:11 KJV). So as to say go on maturing in Christ, and don’t commit the actions, or deeds that be sinful. Not just what you did prior to meeting the Master; even those things that would block development, or fumble you up from growing in holiness. This is why John the Baptist says, “Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance” (Luke 3:8 KJV). So as to say, let the Holy Spirit, assist you in living a life consistent with your first action of repentance before a holy God. Stay in step with repentance, in order that you won’t meet dreadful penalties of the various forms of outwardly committed sins.”


SHALOM to you.

A Note of Revelation

The LORD takes no pleasure in fakes, or those who covet respect, or want gentle and only gentle measures of God’s doctrine. The LORD loves they that remain real with Him, yes, those who are notable are those that abide in the Holy Spirit. They which minister unto the LORD with fasting, those which seek Him, and not that which the Gentiles who know not GOD, seek after. Those who expose themselves in the light of the LORD, and not those who expose themselves in the dark night of shamefulness. When oh when, shall those who enjoy darkness come to the Light? When they get real with themselves, and recognize that GOD has set out after them. He seeks and saves that one which is in the dark. Even as He rejoices over that one who stays in the Light of His countenance.

THIS is my GOD…

I was watching a Bible series movie once, the one about Moses. Surely this was a prophet who had been through much with life; as yet not perceiving that his was a life as God had arranged for Moses. Who can rightly perceive God at all times? One scene that stood out among all others to me, was the scene of when they cross the Red Sea. Freedom had dawned in a most SPECTACULAR WAY. Sure some murmured afterwards, but the beauty of such an event could all but leave a man stunned and perplexed at the Hand of GOD. Moses had prophesied of a lot of things, he had taught of a lot of topics, and starting cogs of God’s Law; you can sense good godly hints of scent, in the word of instruction he prophesied to the people about the Passover Lamb. In spite of all of that, I am wowed that even Moses, as in tune with his calling and office as he was, could not dare assume or presume, conjure nor surmise, what was to come next.


I have been a type of this recently by God’s dealings with me. Because the LORD has used me so mightily in the past, I (used to assume that I) should then somehow be able to see all the greatness of the future. Not so, says the LORD. Not so, for if every single thing that the anointing of God in-breathes, teaches, trains, and imparts, were to make me, or any other servant of God one hundred percent accurate; no dependence would go vertically. But only horizontally, which we all already struggle with. God never makes us into perfect servants; yet somehow He perfects His servants, as we perfectly fumble. That is very intricate. I do not mean that all of our fumbles equate to His perfection, not in the least. I do not mean, that our mistakes beautify us spiritually, or even makes us all the better for the use of God. In no way, do I say that we are justified in sinful mistakes. Note here the simplistic mystery of it all, the growing with God that can only be accomplished by the continued good response of heart to the discipline of the Holy Spirit. The LORD spoke to me once and said, “Sometimes you have to make a mistake, so that you can understand things the way that I understand things. Don’t abide in your mistake, don’t stay making mistakes, neither condemn yourself in those mistakes. But at times, you have to make a mistake, before you can see it, like I see it.”


What a beautiful repentance belongs to Christians, what a beautiful response we can have to the Father’s loving discipline to break this outer man! So much has taken place, in the last 3 years of my walk in the LORD Jesus; I have prophesied much, I have taught much, I have shared much, and do share much still, I have endured much, suffered much, beared with much. But one thing I have come to know now, is that I can surely boast in my infirmities, that the POWER of Christ may rest upon me. I have come to know this also, that no prophet is totally infallible, that is God’s nature; not man’s. Howbeit when the anointing touches a prophet’s words, the Church does well to heed it. Not all prophecies are unconditional, meaning, not all prophecies, or personal words given, are going to make up the sum total of our lives before God. It is folly to think that a prophet could never say anything conditional. Much of the ministry of the LORD through a prophet indeed encumbers him to labor over a word given that is conditional, that people may respond well, and it go well with them (in prayer and repentance, or even fasting); for their sake. Even the sake of the Kingdom, and Jesus’ Name. Yet there are some messages that are unconditional, and we ought not try to pray to reverse those, for certain messages are without repentance, or a space for such repentance to be observed; of judgment, blessing, or whatsoever is proclaimed to be subverted or changed in some way.


I write this today, from experience. A whole year and a few months ago, I was used of God to prophesy to a local congregation here in UT where I currently reside. Much time went by, the LORD graciously put many of the flock in my pathway, and they heard what thus says the LORD, never what ‘thus says Alexander Elijah’. Over all this time, I wrestled, I questioned, I doubted, I fought evil opposition in the spiritual realm, and I have endured many a ‘Judas’. On yesterday the LORD sent me to the location of where the church building once was. I got off the train, and looked upon an empty parking lot, and a shut down building, with not so much as a sign on the front door where we used to make entry. Indeed the LORD had spoken by me, but did I perceive it? This is the umpteenth time the LORD has done such a thing in my life, through my life rather. I claim no glory, or special benefit for it, neither do I rejoice at the sight of such a shutting down of His people’s folly. But one thing that I do rejoice in, is that even though from the time I proclaimed the word of the LORD, until the fulfilling of it; mistakes were made in my personal life, in my marriage life, and in all other areas; YET I UNDERSTAND THINGS THE WAY HE DOES as He needs me to for now. This journey is far from over. We all have much of the outer man that must meet murder by the Holy Ghost. Yet and still, as much of a least of the least man that I feel like, God is able to have a free way through my vessel. And His spectacular miracles, are not always certainly known for predictions, yet and still, He SHALL PERFORM WHAT HE HAS PROMISED.


THIS IS MY GOD. and I am His servant…